About TSBS

TSBS Founded in Riyadh in 1991 by Eng. Tariq Al-Saleem as an IT establishment to provide the market with professional integrated solutions and services.
With the high demand on IT in the Saudi market and among the crowded solutions, TSBS pledge to drive you to the right direction.
TSBS is resident in Riyadh in Al-Aqaria Building at Al-Seteen Street Office no. 9 at the first floor. Tariq Al-Saleem Business Solution P.O Box 8504 Riyadh 11492 Saudi Arabia.

TSBS Staff

TSBS hires highly qualified employees with appropriate experience. We care about improving their performance as much as we care about business because we strongly believe that they are the best asset for us. Our staff is actually our reputation in the market.

TSBS Experience

TSBS created outstanding experience since 1991 in the following fields:


TSBS has wide experience in networking administration, analysis, design, and implementation. We follow standard rules to deliver the best services. We mainly support Cisco, Avaya and 3COM.


TSBS supports wide range of databases. If your environment is built on Windows, Unix, Linux or even Dos, we can support you with latest technologies with most saving in your previous investment. We have the experience to deal with many databases system that allows us to implements fast solutions with less work, less training and less cost.

PBX System

We created a big name in installing, administrating and supporting PBX’s.

Security System

TSBS have considerable experience in security systems and IP cameras.